Date(s) - 03/23/20 - 03/27/20
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

The Advanced Rescue Seminar presented by Peak Rescue will include the following : Tower rescue, reeving highline systems, advanced use of artificial high directionals, pick-off rescues from suspension, contingency anchors, retrievable rappel systems, micro-haul systems, guiding line/off-set lowers, self and ground belay techniques, vertical fall arrest, on-rope back-up devices, on-rope line transfers and advanced knowledge of equipment. It’s expected that students are confident in the fundamentals of rope rescue and are competent with personal skills allowing them to move on rope. Students are expected to understand basic lowering and belay techniques, mechanical advantage systems, anchor building, litter rigging and attending, ascending and descending rope. Peak Rescue trains students both inside and outside as well as from fundamental learning environments to real-world scenarios.

Students have access to state of the art simulated environments and sites.

To register, please visit:


Petzl Technical Institute - 2929 Decker Lake Dr. West Valley City, UT 84119