Belaying A Climber

Petzl technical illustration of belayer.Responsibilities and techniques.


  • Remind the user of the responsibilities when belaying.
  • Provide the skills, experiment and transmit appropriate belaying techniques.
  • Propose a structured and modular session, dedicated to belaying.


  • 3 workshops, with video support:
    • Petzl GRIGRI.
    • Belaying a lead climber.
    • Belaying a climber on top rope.
  • Detailed lesson plans with examples of practical workshops.
  • Presentation of a short film outlining the risks associated with poor belaying.
  • Explanation of how to reorganize the videos and workshops for specific user groups (e.g. 40 minutes for the Petzl GRIGRI version only or 1.5 hours for the full version).


  • Climbing and mountaineering clubs.
  • Professionals teaching and instructing climbing and mountaineering.
  • Climbing wall staff.
  • Petzl Technical Partners.