EXO EASHOOK Tactical – User

Petzl technical illustration of EXO EASHOOK tactic descent-control deviceUse of the EXO EASHOOK in various tactical scenarios.


  • Learn to¬†use the EXO EASHOOK in different tactical scenarios.
  • Understand the possibilities of positioning and restraint using the EXO EASHOOK.
  • Experiment with a variety of practical, realistic tactical scenarios.


  • Field of application.
  • Installing the system on a harness.
  • Deploying the system.
  • Maintenance and inspection of the system.
  • Issue of personal equipment.
  • Selection / installation of anchors.
  • Understanding the limits of the system.
  • Compatibility with other equipment.
  • Positioning and restraint techniques.
  • Horizontal movement with a weapon.
  • Passing an edge obstruction (window sill, balustrade).
  • One- and two-handed descent.
  • Rope ascent.
  • Lowering and raising a team-mate.
  • Emergency evacuation systems.
  • Freeing a stuck system.


  • Special Forces.
  • Tactical intervention teams.
  • Petzl Technical Partners.