EXO firefighter evacuation system – User

Petzl technical illustration of firefighter bailing out of a window with the EXO personal escape systemApplications, demonstration and practical training in the use of the EXO evacuation system. 


  • Achieve a level of competency in the deployment of the EXO evacuation system.
  • Presentation and demonstration of the EXO firefighter evacuation system.
  • Training in the use of the system.


  • The EXO system and its applications.
  • Packing, and mounting the system on a harness.
  • Deployment.
  • Maintenance and inspection.
  • Anchor solutions.
  • Horizontal movement.
  • Passing an edge, exiting a window.
  • Releasing a trapped system (e.g. stuck on a window ledge).
  • Descent.
  • Descent to a ladder.


  • Fire service technicians.
  • Fire & rescue product resellers.
  • Petzl Technical Partners.