Mobile fall arrester

Mobile fall arrester: myths versus realities.

ASAP_featured_img_sq_2The objectives of this module are:

  • Review the roles and applications of mobile fall arresters.
  • Introduce, demonstrate and experiment with the advantages and limitations of various systems.
  • Discuss myths and realities and answer recurring questions.


  • Legislation and a comparison with the role of mobile fall arresters.
  • Operating modes of the main products on the market.
  • Risk analysis and practical experimentation.
  • Clearance distance.
  • Speed and efficiency of locking in various situations.
  • Specific environments: extremes of temperatures, marine and chemical, dust and paint.
  • Use with loads over 220 lbs., including accompanied rescue.
  • Unlocking a loaded mobile fall arrester connected to the sternal or dorsal point.
  • Using a lanyard with a mobile fall arrester.
  • How, when and why is it necessary to use an energy absorber?
  • Durability, inspection and maintenance.
  • History and objectives of Petzl and IRATA publications related to the Petzl SHUNT.


  • Work at height and rope access professionals.
  • Rescue professionals.
  • Rope access and fall arrest trainers.
  • Petzl Technical Partners.