Team ALLWEST // BC, Canada

Martin Denisov, Martin Denisov and Alex Prentice

Mehdi Nasiri                  Martin Denisov               Alex Prentice

Have you attended a RopeTrip competition before? 
Martin: I have competed in 2016 in SLC, 2018 NA Edition in SLC and was in Duisburg in 2018. It will be the first time for other team members.

What are you most looking forward to about RopeTrip?
Martin: Competing, learning new things and meeting other technicians. It’s the most exciting and challenging part for us. As soon as you put a time limit on anything you do – it becomes a race to see who can be the most creative, strategic, technical or otherwise efficient in getting it done.

What is your profession?
Martin: Like most of the technicians involved in Rope Access, we work in different industries, but our main industry is property maintenance and work in urban environments.

What do you enjoy most about working on rope?
Martin: The thrill, attention to detail, being somewhere where most of the other people would never be able to get to.

Favorite piece of Petzl gear?
Martin: Since all of us are climbers we were really all over the place about this question. Top contenders were Gri-Gri, Reverso and ID, but we’ve settled on ASAP and ASAP Lock.