Team YORO // SLC, Utah

Ryan Torcicollo, Jack Perry and Brian Connell

    Ryan                                                      Jack

Have you attended a RopeTrip competition before? 
Ryan: Yes, two years ago.
Jack: No

What are you most looking forward to about RopeTrip? 
Ryan: It’s a different style of competition that I’m not used to. I like adapting to a new format and style. The last one was awesome with the crazy events they came up with. I can’t wait to see what’s in store this year!
Jack: Workshops and networking

What is your profession? 
Ryan: Arborist & President of Wasatch Arborists
Jack: N. American Safety Products Manager for CAMP

What do you enjoy most about working on rope? 
Ryan: There’s something freeing about working aloft. You get to access places most people can’t and get views other will never see.
Jack: Ice Climbing. I don’t really work on rope, but I like the rigging part of rope access

Favorite piece of Petzl gear? 
Ryan: Sequoia
Jack: Laser Speed Ice Screws. But if you need a professional item, then swivel and ring open.