Applications, demonstration and practical training in the use of the EXO evacuation system. Achieve a level of competency in the deployment of the EXO evacuation system, establishing a suitable anchor, exiting the structure and descending.

1 Day

7 Hrs


Petzl Technical Institute Course, EXO AP User


The objectives of this module are the presentation and demonstration of the EXO firefighter evacuation system, and training in the use of the system.


  • Presentation of the system and its applications. 
  • Packing, and mounting the system on a harness. 
  • System deployment. 
  • Maintenance and inspection. 
  • Anchor solutions. 
  • Horizontal movement. 
  • Passing an edge, exiting a window.
  • Releasing a trapped system (e.g. stuck on a window ledge). 
  • Descent. 
  • Descent to a ladder.


  • Fire service technicians. 
  • Fire & rescue product resellers.


  • Practical experience of working at height.

Learning support and certification:

  • Technical documents. 
  • Certificate of attendance. 
  • Certificate of competence.

Learning support and certification:

  • Place: Petzl Technical Institutes. 
  • Duration: 1 days (7 hours)
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