PTI Staff

Keith Luscinski

PTI Manager

Keith’s entire career has been built around keeping people safe at height. From developing recreational tree climbing programs, to guiding multi-pitch rock climbs, to managing industrial rope access projects, Keith has always had a passion for teaching others to work and recreate in the vertical world. As the Technical Institute Manager, Keith is responsible for overseeing all of Petzl America’s training activities. He is currently involved with standards development within SPRAT and ANSI, but stays in touch with his rock climbing roots through his work with the Salt Lake Climbers Alliance.

Nate Williams

PTI Trainer

Passionate about being in the vertical world, Nate has been climbing rocks, ice, ropes, trees, and plastic for over 25 years. As a member of the Petzl team for over a decade, he has worked closely with every Professional and Sport application of Petzl products and has extensive training in each at-height discipline. Currently, Nate serves as the Petzl Technical Institute Trainer where his comprehensive background allows him to educate others on Petzl products, current practices, standards, and applications.

Jeremiah Wangsgard

Technical Information Manager

Jeremiah Wangsgard has over 20 years of experience in rock climbing, ice climbing, mountaineering and canyoneering, and over a decade worth of experience in training recreational, rescue and work-at-height technical rope skills. He is responsible for validating all technical content for communications, training material, product information/instructions disseminated by Petzl America and responds to technical inquiries that cannot be answered by CSS or ASS departments. As the Technical Information Manager, Jeremiah represents Petzl in standards committees and industry trade organizations (e.g. SPRAT, ANSI, NFPA) and manages prototype testing for North America and assists in product certification to North American standards.

Eddie Stevens

PTI Technician

With a deep knowledge of the Petzl product line gained from years working in the Aftersales Department, Eddie is an experienced rock and ice climber, as well as a SPRAT Level I rope access technician. In the Petzl Technical Institute, he assists with the rigging and delivery of work-at-height training across various industries, and is the main routesetter of the facility’s climbing wall. He also works in Technical Information to help represent Petzl on ANSI committees and facilitate new product testing and certification.

Technical Sales

Michel Goulet

Business Development Manager – Rope Access, Tower & Wind

Michel has been fascinated with working and playing in vertical environments for over 37 years. Since 2003, he has been a pioneering manager for the Professional Division at Petzl America, a world-leading designer and manufacturer of work-at-height and rescue equipment. Michel started rock climbing in Eastern Canada in 1976 and taught the sport for several years before moving over to the professional side to provide training to tower workers, rope-access technicians, tactical officers, and rescuers. Michel was one of the first six original SPRAT Evaluators who helped develop certification standards and safe work practices for the North American rope-access community.

Steve Petty

Business Development Manager – Rescue & Military

Steve’s background includes over 20 years of part-time and volunteer work as a mountain rescue specialist, medic, sheriff deputy, SWAT officer, and firefighter. With a lifetime of mountain rescue skills, his passion for helping others combined with training in rope access, tower climbing, and tactical operations along with 25 years of professional sales experience give him unique motivation and understanding for serving our customers on the move.

Rudy Rutemiller

Business Development Manager – Arboriculture
National Sales Manager

Rudy’s career in arboriculture took root a decade ago during Dendrology 2324 at Virginia Tech when he discovered that people actually work in trees after initially identifying them. He loves the unique blend of combining art with science that the trade of arboriculture provides. He’s an award-winning arborist representative, which was only possible after years of climbing, performing plant health care, and observing amazing climbers while dragging their brush. Rudy is an ISA certified arborist, a TRAQ qualified, a SPRAT Level 1 Rope Access Technician, and a NWSA Telecommunications Tower Level 1 Technician.

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