Offered in conjunction with the CWA, The purpose of the certification program is to establish a voluntary certification for Climbing Wall Workers and a uniform set of consensus performance standards that can be easily integrated into existing staff training programs and adopted anywhere.

A Competent climbing wall worker is granted the authority, or as assigned by the employer, to be responsible for: the training and immediate supervision of Authorized Climbing Wall Workers; implementation and monitoring of the employer’s managed fall protection program; implementation, supervision and monitoring of the employer’s Rescue Plan; and identifying, evaluating and controlling potential fall hazards. The Competent Climbing Wall Worker must be trained and/or certified to perform these duties and responsibilities and must have the authority to stop work-at-height operations immediately to mitigate potential fall hazards. Examples might include a routesetter or head routesetter.

3 Days

21 Hrs

(7×3 days)



  • Thorough discussion of the CWA Work-at-Height Standard
  • Review of industry practices and student’s current methods
  • Information about OSHA compliance
  • Equipment overview with hands on experience of all Petzl products
  • Basic principles of fall arrest
  • Behind-the-wall operations
  • Multiple rescue scenarios


  • Routesetters
  • Any climbing gym staff/ managers 
  • Experienced climbers interested in learning about routesetting


  • 18 years of age or will be by the conclusion of the course.  
  • Can demonstrate basic climbing skills. 
  • Has, or is provided with, appropriate equipment in good condition. 
  • Can demonstrate proper care, use and inspection of climbing equipment. 
  • Can demonstrate proficient belay technique. 
  • Can lead climb 5.9 on artificial terrain. 
  • Can ascend a rope. 
  • Have reviewed the regulatory requirements in the jurisdiction in which they work. 
  • Have the ability to successfully complete the assessment of skills for this course.

Learning support and certification:

  • CWA Work-at-Height Standard
  • Petzl technical documents
  • CWA certification

Learning support and certification:

  • Place: Petzl Technical Institute
  • Duration: 3 days (21 hours)
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